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The Team Success Handbook

Author: Shannon Waller

Twelve strategies to help team members succeed in an entrepreneurial business—and have the most fun, fulfilling, and rewarding experience of their working career.

“What I’ve always wanted to say to my team, but didn’t know how. I can’t wait to give a copy to each of them.”

Dr. Katrin Schmidt

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As Dan Sullivan says in the foreword to this book, "Great teamwork is one of the most sought-after yet anguish-inducing qualities in the entrepreneurial universe." So, for the benefit of entrepreneurs everywhere and the people who work alongside them, Entrepreneurial Team Expert Shannon Waller has put together this collection of teamwork strategies. 

By adopting these 12 Entrepreneurial Attitudes, team members can become increasingly valuable to their entrepreneurial organization and transform their "job" into a source of endlessly expanding personal growth and meaningful rewards.

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