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Unique Ability® 2.0: Discovery
Define Your Best Self

Author: Catherine Nomura, Julia Waller, and Shannon Waller

Your Unique Ability is the key to a simpler and infinitely more rewarding life and business.

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Imagine building your life around doing what you love to do and do best, and being increasingly rewarded by the world for doing so. Your Unique Ability is the essence of you at your best. This combination of passion and talent is so innate that you may even not realize how special it is, yet it’s how you create the most value for others, and enjoyment and energy for yourself in all areas of life. Focusing on it is the key to realizing your own brand of genius and your greatest success in life.

Get crystal clear on your Unique Ability with the proven process laid out in this book/notebook package—the most deep and comprehensive approach to defining your Unique Ability that Strategic Coach has ever offered in print. Doing the exercises in this easy-to-follow format will bring you life-changing self-knowledge. Confidently make clearer plans for the future and better decisions every day based on putting more of your best self into everything you do.

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