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Unique Process Advisors

Ten Unique Process™ Advisors share how they transformed the way they do business and, in turn, created much bigger futures—financially, creatively, and personally. Dan Sullivan adds his wisdom to the mix to create an essential handbook for any advisor seeking a bigger future.

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Total freedom for entrepreneurial advisors.


Meet ten advisors who traded the pressure cooker of declining commissions, increasing regulation, and decreased freedom that characterizes the financial industry today for a future of unlimited opportunity, income, and satisfaction. How did they do it? Each of these extraordinary advisors has developed a “Unique Process” — a new way of doing business based on their own wisdom that takes their relationships with their clients and other players in the industry to an entirely new level.  


In Unique Process Advisors, you’ll hear from each of the ten advisors in their own words as they share how they made this transformation. Renowned coach Dan Sullivan is your guide on this tour. His insights between stories illuminate what it takes for any advisor to become a Unique Process™ Advisor. If you’re an advisor looking for a way to create a much bigger future financially, creatively, and personally, this is sure to be an eye-opening and inspiring read.


These ten advisors were first featured in the Creative Destruction series published from 2003 to 2007. Already, hundreds of others have joined their ranks as Unique Process Advisors. In the next decade, thousands more will follow, creating processes that transform not just the way these advisors do business, but also the lives of countless others, and ultimately, the financial services industry itself.

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