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Never Own Anything That Eats While You Sleep

This second volume of quotes from Dan Sullivan—some sharp, some funny, all memorable—is the result of Dan’s countless workshops and conversations with entrepreneurs at the peak of their game. What works and what doesn’t? These little quips will give you Dan’s accumulated wisdom in concentrated form.

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In this follow-up to the popular The Quotable Dan Sullivan, Dan commits to paper more of his insights as a successful entrepreneur and trusted coach to thousands of other top-performing entrepreneurs.

Every page of this little book resonates with Dan’s years of experience, his joyful sense of humor, and his Unique Ability® to see the bigger context behind every aspect of life. He also shares helpful bits of wisdom others have passed to him, such as the title—a sage piece of farming advice from his father.

Never Own Anything That Eats While You Sleep gives you guidance on: 

Confidence And Creativity
Unique Ability®
Insights For Entrepreneurs
Rules To Live By

Pick up this tiny trove of insights—it’s like having a little Dan Sullivan on your shoulder giving you good advice!

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