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Quotable 10x

These quotes from Strategic Coach® president and founder, Dan Sullivan, were gathered from his latest workshops and newest concepts around 10x growth for entrepreneurs. In this book, you’ll find inspiration to reach beyond incremental growth toward exponential growth.

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“Your 10x goal is the practical tool for making your impossible possible.”

The entrepreneurial world can be divided into the five percent who are mastering 10x thinking, and the 95 percent who are afraid to consider that such a capability is possible for them. The five percent who commit to a lifetime of 10x growth continually expand their business and personal lives with ever-greater capabilities, resources, opportunities, and achievements.

Quotable 10x is a compilation of quotes from Strategic Coach® president and founder, Dan Sullivan, on the what and why of 10x thinking for entrepreneurs.

We’ve organized Dan's quotes into six areas of transformative thinking:
  • Simplify 10x
  • Normalize 10x
  • Transform 10x
  • Multiply 10x
  • Commit 10x
  • Integrate 10x

Arranged in a simple format, Quotable 10x will provide the inspiration for adopting a 10x Mindset™ and achieving 10x progress.

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