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How The Best Get Better®

Key concepts and strategies from The Strategic Coach® Program to help top-achieving entrepreneurs get even better at what they do.

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Many entrepreneurs discover that, as their business grows and they become more successful, life becomes increasingly complicated. They know life can be better than this, and that something has to change. But what should change? And how can they make those changes without sacrificing any of the ground that they’ve gained?

How The Best Get Better contains core strategies and tools from The Strategic Coach® Program that provide you with a meaningful context for thinking and acting in brand new ways in your life as an entrepreneur. Based on the practical experience of thousands of top-achieving entrepreneurs, this book gives you a path to the next level of growth in your career.

Instead of costing you more time and effort or adding more complexity, these strategies and tools create a leap in progress and productivity while also giving you a greater daily experience of simplicity, satisfaction, and personal freedom.

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