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Multiplication By Subtraction

Author: Shannon Waller

Entrepreneurial Team Strategist Shannon Waller guides entrepreneurs through the often uncomfortable process of letting go of wrong-fit team members in order to grow their organizations.

“Shannon has provided a concise and clear what-to-do manual when faced with the challenge of letting go of employees. It provides thinking tools to build confidence and to end the procrastination that haunts us all in these difficult and emotional situations.”

John Colaruotolo, Anco Builders

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Multiplication By Subtraction explores the positive impacts of saying goodbye to wrong-fit team members who are no longer thriving in your organization. Wrong-fit people can negatively impact our productivity, results, teamwork, and reputation—and end up costing far more than we realize.

This handbook will give you the mindset to think more strategically about your team, the tools to use when things aren’t working, practical strategies to help shift people into roles for which they’re a better fit, and, if that’s not possible, a clear process for letting them go.

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