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The Quotable Dan Sullivan

A collection of favorite lines and sayings by Dan Sullivan to bring you insight, inspiration, wisdom, and perhaps the odd chuckle.

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“If you want the energy to create the show,
sell the tickets first.”

Strategic Coach® president and founder Dan Sullivan has a way with words. His speeches and workshops are memorable not only for their breakthrough content, but also for the wit and humor with which he reaches his audiences. His experience in the theatre, as a political speechwriter, and as an advertising copywriter all lend to his ability to use words to make a point in a powerful, challenging, and transformative way.

We’ve compiled a book of favorite “Dan-isms” on a number of topics:

  • Words of Advice
  • On Creativity and Innovation
  • Addressing Common Entrepreneurial Foibles
  • Observations and Discoveries
  • On Delegation and Unique Ability®
  • On Being an Entrepreneur
  • On Habits
  • On People
  • On Coaching

You’ll find this book filled with inspiration, wisdom, and the occasional chuckle, too.

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