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Changing The Conversation

Author: Gary Klaben

Gary Klaben helps you understand the changing role of money over time, and guides you through each cycle of your life to find both financial growth and personal satisfaction.

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Against the backdrop of today’s many political and fiscal system dysfunctions, author and financial advisor Gary Klaben declares that America’s future is still exceptionally bright. Figuring out how to unlock the needs of today’s individuals and families defines the challenge of achieving a better future. Done right, the next great wave of business innovation, wealth creation and family well-being can soon be unleashed.Changing the Conversation— taking note of today’s anxieties in the workplace, in communities and in homes — argues that a new kind of conversation is urgently needed. People require a new and profound support system involving mutual trust, long-term relationships, interdependence, intimate knowledge and practical consolidation to reduce complexity and live simpler, happier lives.Changing the Conversationoutlines the journey from dependency to mastery, from self-discovery to multigenerational financial and family realization. It is filled with insightful, even startling, conversations about what really matters and how to think, prioritize and act. But before you can start to decide the optimal structuring of assets, cash flow, taxes and estates for a family, you must first appreciate the emotional steps necessary to truly transform financial and family well-being. All of us must anticipate change, prepare to manage it, and seek to lead it whenever possible.

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