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The Good Habits Bundle

Author: Dan Sullivan

Success and failure in life are based largely on habits—those things you do without even thinking about them. Successful people have successful habits. Unsuccessful people become entrenched in failure because they have unsuccessful habits. In order to make improvements in our lives, it’s essential to start by establishing and reinforcing successful habits.

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The three resources in this bundle will give you the tools and strategies to implement positive habits in your life and business.

The 21-Day Positive Focus®  is a strategy direct from The Strategic Coach® Program that’s designed to create and continually strengthen a confidence habit. Use it personally and with team members, colleagues, family, and friends for results you’ll begin to see almost immediately.

The Gratitude Principle presents Dan Sullivan’s fundamental belief that we can achieve endless progress and success in life as long as we are grateful along the way. Gratitude is a skill that can be learned, a success habit you count on. A lack of it is one of the biggest obstacles to personal progress.

In The Time Breakthrough™, Dan introduces you to an entirely new way of understanding and managing personal time. Learn how to use The Entrepreneurial Time System® to improve your results and spend greater amounts of time doing what you love.

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The Good Habits Bundle
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